"You Are A Gift!"
  My Living Business Card

  "Two minutes and forty-five seconds!"

It commences: "You Are A Gift! Do you know that?"

It continues: "Our presence in people's lives is a powerful gift - especially by the words we speak. If someone says something unkind to us, we know how powerful those words are! when someone says something kind, it is a gift to cherish!"

It concludes: "Share your presence!"


This tiny speech was created for my talent presentation in the National Senior America Pageant, held in Biloxi, Mississippi. My concern was: "How do you take an hour presentation and condense it to 2 minutes and 45 seconds?" (The required length of all talent). The answer is: you edit and practice!

This powerful inspirational message is available, free of charge, to be included in events you are planning. (Depending on date and distance)

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