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PRESENCE presents...Gift Packages!

      "Club 125!" for Non-Profit Organizations

      "Club 125 Plus!" for For-Profit Organizations

      "Club 125 Plus!" for For Individual Events

Where The Theater Comes To You... and Presenters too!

All performers and presenters are Family Friendly, previewed and registered with "Club 125!"/"Club 125 Plus!". All arrangements will be made by Presence Promotions.

The Performer Profiles

Benefits and Added Values

Club 125! - Is for Non-profit organizations.

  • Most performers/presenters are available at the affordable price of $125.00 per performance.
  • All Performers and Presenters are available to preview on this website.
  • All are Quality/Family Friendly.
  • All contracts, (paperwork) is done for you by Presence Promotions.
  • All checks are sent to Presence Promotions, not the performer.
  • No membership is required. No service fees added.
  • You are now, only one phone call or click, away from an incredible New Talent Resource for getting entertainers or speakers.

Note: There are additional performers/presenters and theater productions available with Club 125 Plus! and these are also available for non-profits at their current fee.

It's this simple! It's this easy!

Club 125 Plus! - Is for For-profit organizations.

All performers/presenters are available at their current fee.

It's this simple! It's this easy!

: : Club 125 Plus! - For Individual Events. (Birthdays, Anniversaries, Picnics, Holidays, Volunteer Recognition, Awards, Retirement Parties and various other occasions)

All other Club 125 benefits apply.

It's this simple! It's this easy!

You can contact "Club 125!"/ "Club 125 Plus!" by phone, email or use the "Do We Have A Match" submit form at the end of this web site.

Contact by telephone: 651.489.9617
Contact by email:

Enjoy the photos and brief descriptions of the various performers or performances. Reminder: If you right click you will have the option to print information.

Click HERE to to preview performers and presenters.

Presence Promotions - Is a division of PRESENCE The Ultimate Gift

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