Jeanne's other presentations include:

Leadership Through Oral Communication or
"You Better Be Able to Talk Your Way Through It!"

      "This is public speaking 101. Some 'Do's and Don'ts"

Turn Your Talent Into Business!

      Do you really want to work this much - this hard?
            Good! Let's get started!

Retirement: "It's Not Like Living in the Fast Lane, It's Like
                        Voluntarily Jumping Off the Cliff!"

      When I grow up I want to be...
      When I retire I want to do...

A Retirement Career? Why? What's Your Story?

      "Let me tell you about it!"

Bloom Where You're Planted!

       We humans are planted in time, and we have all
       the time there is! What time do you have?

"Bring On the Presents!"

       When care givers say, "Back off!" Why do they do that?:

"Go To Heaven? Why?"

       In conducting the survey - "When you die, where do you want to go?
       Heaven or Hell?" The answer was predictable. "However!"

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